Graham Weber: Midwestern Raised, Refined in Austin, Texas since 2004. He has headlined and opened national tours, released 5 solo studio and 2 live albums. Lyrically rich, heartbreaking and humorous. “Weber remains a master of evocative metaphor unraveling in the uneasy rift of his whiskey-burnt tenor” - The Austin Chronicle

Graham currently has many irons in the fire. In addition to performing as a solo troubadour, he performs with his band Graham Weber and The Buffalo Squeeze,  sings torch songs with his piano player Micah Motenko, and has just recorded an album with Austin’s WESTERN YOUTH (due out in Spring 2018).  He will record his 6th full length studio album in the fall of 2018.

Weber also works as an international ambassador/ writing collaborator/ artist coordinator for The House of Songs. Through this work, Weber travels around the globe to work with foreign artists as well as when artists visit Austin, building relationships through artistic collaboration across national borders.   

His most recent album Faded Photos captures the landscapes of both territories, sunburned and frozen simultaneously. With string arrangements by Peter Stopschinski (Lambchop, Grupo Fantasma, Golden Hornet Project) and some production help from old friends, Weber has created a stunning collection of songs unlike anything in his discography.

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The Haps



It has already been a busy start to the new year.  In October of last year, I went into the studio to do a split / collaborative EP with Western Youth.  I’d been a fan and friends with that band for years, and after working together on that project they asked me to join the band.   I wouldn’t have joined any band unless it was something that I thought was really good, with good people, where I could potentially enhance what was already going on. Long story short: I joined Western Youth.   We have now completed and are mixing the band’s debut full length album. (They had released an EP a few years back called Leaving The Station).  The band was also selected as official SXSW 2018 artists.  Check it out, come see a show, and keep an ear out for new tunes.


Also last year I started performing torch songs with my friend and piano player Micah Motenko. The idea was to do the soundtrack to an end of the night and end of a bottle of scotch.  We’ve enjoyed playing at the Continental Gallery and have added bassist Josh Flowers, and drummer Aaron Parks.  We have also been in the studio tracking completely live, and it’s been incredible to work with these guys on these songs.   Look for us to play in and around Austin where the lights are low.


I recently returned from running The House of Songs Songwriting Summit in Bentonville, Arkansas, where we brought in artists from around the country and the world to live together in a beautiful Victorian house and paired them up to write songs together.  This years group consisted of Tim Easton (Nashville), Jaimee Harris (Austin), Danni Nicholls (UK), Ida Wenøe (DK), Dylan Menzie (Canada), Lost John - Eric Whitthans and Meredith Kimbrough (Fayetteville).  It was a wonderful crew, and a lot of great things happened.  I look forward to organizing and putting on more of these “summits” or “camps” in the future. It never ceases to amaze me what happens when you put talented songwriters who don’t know one another together… it’s pretty special.  I am continuing to work as House Manager for the Austin House of Songs, and this year we have a lot of things coming down the line.


With all of this, and having a 2 year old, I’ve put Graham Weber and The Buffalo Squeeze on hold for a while. But I am still playing solo in and around Austin and the Hill Country, and will be doing a few short runs over the summer up to the northeast, midwest, and around Texas/Okla/Arkansas/Louisiana


Hope to see you down the road.

Peace and Love,




Graham will be recording a lot of stuff to put out in 2018. 

This year however he is curating, hosting, and playing a monthly show at South Austin Brewery's Listening Room.  The 3rd (sometimes the 4th) Saturday of the month.  It's Graham and 2 of his favorite artists swapping songs and stories, in a setting reminiscent of a simpler time. 

Also Graham will be curating and hosting some package tribute shows for different local Austin Charities. The first of which takes place 3/30/17. 
Graham will continue to play with his band Graham Weber and The Buffalo Squeeze, as well as solo shows around Texas.  

Also Graham is proud to continue to be an artist coordinator and ambassador for The House of Songs. Creating relationships through music across borders. 

Different projects are in the works... Hanging with his daughter a lot... trying to be healthier than he used to be. 
Stay tuned!

Note from Graham:
Looking Ahead to 2016

2015 was a great year of personal and professional transition and growth. I became a father. I toured overseas. Wrote some new songs, and cowrote some new songs, and started thinking about a new album. I wrote and recorded the theme and score for a new theatrical  adaptation of Jack London's Call of The Wild (My first time to work on a play in that capacity).  2015 saw the end of So Long, Problems. But I put together a new backing band (playing under my name), as well as the occasional gig with The CBGBand (which added my buddy Betty Soo into the fold this year). 
So as I stare down the barrel of a new year, I think I now know well enough to know to expect the unexpected. 
- I plan on being back at Folk Alliance in Kansas City in February working with The House of Songs. 
- I will be doing a midwestern run in the late spring.
- I'm hoping to be back in Europe in the late summer for an extended period of time. 
- I'll be going in the studio for a new secret project early in the year and hope to make a new Graham Weber album in 2016 as well. 

Plus a bunch of stuff that I don't even know about yet. 

Peace & Love & Happy New Year.
Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

August and September: New Bands, old bands.

Graham will be all over Austin in August and early September. 

August 31 will be the first show of Graham's new backing band at Stay Gold! 

September 9th will be the second show of MOONMADNESS. 
MOONMADNESS is a group consisting of Graham, Randy Reynolds (Leatherbag), Brian Bowe and Samuel Powell (Western Youth), Jeff Mann, and Ed Martinez. Playing and celebrating the music of The Grateful Dead in the early 1970s. 

September 10th The CBGBand will return to The Cactus Cafe. 

He's writing new songs and figuing out how to be a troubadore/dad/upstanding member of society. 
Buy the ticket... Take the ride.

Graham to play Woody Guthrie Folk Festival! 
July 9-12    Graham Plays Saturday 7/11 
Tickets and Info at WoodyFest Website

So Long, Problems has said So Long. 
Message from Graham after the final show: 

 There are no words to properly express the gratitude that is due to the friends/fans (heavy on the friends) of So Long, Problems that came not just to tonight's final concert, but to everyone who paid a cover or bought a drink (our fan base... Many drinks) at one of our gigs over the past four years. We just wanted to have fun & hoped a few folks would dig it... Tonight, and really every night we played, but tonight especially justified our original intention. We are all still friends, and friends of yours, and we will all be playing music in different configurations & settings in the future, and we will always love seeing your faces. I, myself, am going to be doing a few things with The CBGBand, and some solo slots, there is a project in the works that won't be seen until much later this year, and some recording. My main goal now is to become a father & be the best one I can be. My favorite music is my wife's laughter, & I can only assume our daughter's will join those ranks at a fever pitch. 
Tonight was a very special evening. So many wonderful people in our lives, so many collided worlds, & and so many bonds that existed without the band that had a shared affinity for what we did & who we are. 
We never made a lot of money, but we had fun, brought good people together, indulged, and played honest rock & roll like we set out to do. No frills, perhaps to our detriment, but I don't see it that way. I'm proud to have been a part of a great group of talented guys & no matter what, I will always be a Problem.  
So Long.

2015 UPDATE!  
Lots to look forward to in 2015!  

- Graham is going to be performing official and unofficial showcases at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City in February. Showcase times and locations will be posted on the "Shows" page. 

-Look for a revival of the CBGband (w/Colin Gilmore, Bonnie Whitmore, Matt Winegardner, and Tamineh Gueramy).
Dates and more info to come! Stay Tuned

- GW will be going back in the studio with longtime collaborator Randy Reynolds, as well as other recording projects. 

- Europe in the fall.

- He'll probably be selling an organ or two to keep this machine running... whatever it takes. 

Keep an eye on the calendar and Facebook for tour updates.
Happy New Year!  - The G-Team.

Faded Photos one of 5 non-label releases to be named in Best of 2014 critic's lists in Austin Chronicle!

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Nashville, Little Rock, New York, Boston, Milwaukee, New Hampshire, and of course Ohio and Texas...  
Graham will be out in August as part of The CBGBand (with Colin Gilmore and Bonnie Whitmore), and solo in September.  Check the "Shows" section for details.

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